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Intrepid explorer Kit, aged eleven, doesn't understand why his family has been uprooted to a remote coastal village in the North. Why did they leave so suddenly, and why hasn't his dad joined them?

At Askfeld Farm Guesthouse, he forms an unlikely friendship with Beth, who lives with a chronic illness he doesn't understand. Kit makes it his quest to help her map out her favourite childhood haunts. But becoming a hero is trickier than it looks, especially when Kit has misunderstood so much.

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Every teenager threatens to run away. Slamming her aunt's door, Rhiannon assumes someone will spot her and call her home. But no one comes.

Hurt drives her not to return. Dyrys Wood will be her home now. But how will she survive? Struggling against harsh conditions, she slips into a world of stories, woven over the years by Maebh, the village storyteller in Llandymna.

Except those stories contain unspoken truths, and some of them are about to resurface.

Book no.1
Book no.2
Book no.3
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