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As You Wash Your Hands: a poem for the pandemic

As you wash your hands, may God wash away your fear. As you do what you can, not just for your own sake, but to protect family, friends and strangers, playing your part in a global story, know that God holds you and all of us in his spotless hands.

May you have wisdom in your choices and courage in those long moments when dread's shadow sweeps in and threatens you with tales of hopelessness; remember they are only tales.

May you keep hold of your beautiful heart so full of love. And in these strange times may you find new ways to love others, to care for the vulnerable, to remember the overlooked, to be a light.

Don't be ashamed of your fear. In feeling it, you are human. But when you face it and choose faith, choose hope, choose love, know that the Lion is at your side.

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